List of commands - CASINO

Add a command (Admin only)

Command Arguments Description
none Start a channel-wide anagram game. Unlike most of our games, this game is free (does not cost you any money), so it can be ideal if you're in the need of some extra bucks.

The bot has shuffled an English word, and your goal is to find the original word within 60 seconds.

Once you have found this word, you should write .ac <word> as soon as possible. The first player to find the correct word wins the game, and will receive some money (depending on the length of the word). If nobody has given the correct answer within 30 seconds, the bot will show a hint to the channel.

To see the fastest response time to this game, write .ac --record
.bank <withdraw> [money]
<deposit> [money]
A virtual bank where you can withdraw/deposit your money! Each you'll win some money depending on how much money you have in the bank! (More you'll deposit, more you'll win ;))
<money> Start a single-player Blackjack game against the bot (the dealer). When started, you will be given a list of your current cards. One card of the dealer's hand will also be revealed, the other card is hidden.

At this point you can choose to keep the current cards (stand, s), or to get another card (hit, h). Also, if you're feeling lucky (and have sufficient money), you can choose to get one more card and double the bet, by writing d.

The goal in this game is to either come as close as possible to 21, without going over it, or to make sure/hope/pray that the dealer busts and goes over 21.

If the dealer gets a higher score (but still below, or equal to 21) then you've lost the game.

Maximum bet: 5'000$
.cointoss <money> <heads,tails> Start a cointoss game. Objective is to get same side as (heads or tails)
the bot and win the same amount of money( max bet 5000$)
.crack <key> You have to find the key to crack the password and win the jackpot!
.craps <money> Start a craps game. Hit 11 or 32 and win the money. Bet up to 2000$.
.dice <money,all,record> Start a multiplayer dice game. When started, another registered player can join the dice game by writing .go

When the game is started the bot immediately throws a dice for each player. The player with the highest number wins the game. When the numbers are the same, the bot will keep throwing dices until at least one player wins.

To bet all your money (risky!), you can write .dice all. To see the highest amount of money that was ever betted in a dice game, you can write .dice record

Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 2
.give <money> <nick> The bot gives the amount of money you specify to the player you specify.
.givemoney none The bot will give you 2'000$.
Note: This can only be used once every hour.
.luckylotto <number from 1 to 9> Pick 1 correct number and win the Jackpot!
Use .luckylotto jackpot to view the current jackpot or you can browse the Live Jackpot Page
.mbj <money,all> Start a multiplayer Blackjack game. When started, registered players can write .mbj join within 60 seconds to join the game, if they have enough money to participate. Once enough players have joined the game, the first player will be shown his/her cards, and can choose to .stand and keep the current cards, or pick another .card. Once the first player stands, the next player will get a notice with his/her own cards, etc.

The goal in this game is to come as close as possible to 21, without going over it. Instead of playing against the dealer, you play against other players. The player that comes closest to 21 wins. If multiple players have the same score, then they both win and split the winnings.

Minimum number of players: 2
Maximum number of players: 10
.money <nick,#auth> To view current nickname/#auth's money
.pickthree <1-9> <1-9> <1-9> Pick 3 correct numbers and win the Jackpot!
Use .pickthree jackpot to view the current jackpot or you can browse the Live Jackpot Page
.reg none Command for registering to our Casino Games! (You'll get 2'000$)

Before registering, make sure you'll respect our Casino Rules !
.slots none Pull the jackpot arm and try to win the jackpot! The live jackpot for .slots can be seen at
.startguess <money> Start a guess game.Acquires atleast 2 players.To join the game type .toguess and bot will open a query with you , for you to pick a number you like. Closest number to bot chosen number wins.
.top10 none Shows a list of the 10 players that have the most money (bank money included) for this month and are in the top 10 rank for the entire FunBots service.
.topchan none Shows a list of (up to) 10 players that have the most money for this month, for the users that are currently in the channel.
.vp money Start a virtualpoker game. When started you can bet up to 2,000$.
You'll be given 5 random cards , to change them type in .draw 123
or if you want keep all cards just type .draw and your cards will remain same.

List of commands - FUN

Command Arguments Description
.1337 <Some text> Will transform 'Some text' into a 1337 way.

You: .1337 I'm so leet!
Bot: �'m �� ����!
.8ball <Your question> The bot will answer to your question with a 'yes/no' answer.

You: .8ball Do I roxxx?
Bot: As I see it, yes.
.bomb <nick>
Start a timed bomb. The target nick will have to cut the correct wire.
To cut a wire, use the following command: .wire <red,yellow,green,fear>

If you want the bot to kick (or not) the user that will choose the wrong wire, use the following command: .bomb <kickon,kickoff> (Need to be master or owner)
.dick none Will return your dick length with a nice ASCII drawing!
.gamble none Pull the jackpot arm and try to win something!
.gangbang <nick>, <nick>, <nick> The bot returns the probability of you having a gangbang with multiple people.
.gay none The bot will return your gay percentage.
.kill <nick> Will 'kill' someone with the weapon you choosed.
Available weapons: knife, luger, panzer, flamer, mortar, grenade, sniper, selfkill, airstrike, satchel, rifle, dynamite, tk, headshot.

Use: .<weapon> <nick>

You: .panzer fishbot
Bot: fishbot was blasted by your panzerfaust
.leet none The bot will return your 'leet' percentage.
.mypenis none Will return your dick's length (in centimeters).
.noob none Will calculate your noob percentage.
.roulette [kickon,kickoff] The famous russian roulette!

You can turn kick on or off by using the command: .roulette <kickon,kickoff> (Need to be master/owner)
.sex [nick] Calculate with a heavy and complicated algorythm your change of having sex with someone else.
.slap <nick> Slap someone.

List of commands - OTHERS

Command Arguments Description
.calc <calculation> Calculates the answer/result to your calculation


(@User) .calc 2+439+34

(@Bot) user: 2+439+34 = 475
.chuck none This messages the channel with some facts about Chuck Norris.
.cyborg <text> This uses a complicated sorting and replacing algorithm to return a cyborg message based on the text you enter - example:

(@user) .cyborg BLADY

(@bot) CYBORG - B.L.A.D.Y.: Biomechanical Lifelike Android Designed for Yelling
.gender <male,female> Sets your gender with the bot.
.ping none Tells the bot to send a CTCP ping request to your client, and messages the channel with the CTCP reply.
.poll --answers [Answer1,Answer2,Answer3] (note answers can\'t contain spaces) This starts a new poll in the channel the command was run from, where is the question in the poll, and Answer1 Answer2 and Answer3 are your options for voting.

List of commands - VIP

Command Arguments Description
.vip <on/off> This command enables or disables the VIP script for the channel.
.vip add <channel> <@/+> This adds a channel to the VIP list. The status given to users who enter the channel with op on the specified channel is decided in the second arguement (@/+)

If the second arguement is @ then anyone opped on the channel specified will also be opped on the current channel

Whereas; if the status is + - anyone opped on the specified channel will be opped on the current channel.
.vip del <channel> This deletes the specified channel from the VIP list.
.vip list none This spews the list of all the currently added VIP channels, and their respective ON JOIN status.
.vip mode <voice/op/auto> This is the onjoin mode for the VIP script

Auto means: vip will receive the mod associated to the channel. +#FunBots means users that are voiced and/or opped on #funbots will receive voice status on the current channel. @Funbots means that users that are opped on #funbots will recieve operator status on the current channel.

Op means: the VIP will receive operator status on join.

Voice means: the VIP will receive voice status on join.
.vip skin <auto #/your skin> This command changes the VIP skin which is displayed on a VIP joining the channel.

Auto Skins: If you wish to use an auto skin you can use the command .vip skin auto #N where N is a number from 1-3

Your Skin: If you wish to define your own skin, you can do it by typing .vip skin <your skin here> - you can use variables in your skin which replace with actual values, the variables available for use are: :nick:, :chan:, :vipchan:, :id:, :mode:, :host1: (*!*ident@host), :host2: (*!*@host), :host3: (nick!ident@host) - eg: :chan: would be the channel the VIP script is running on - :nick: would be the VIPs nickname and so on.
.vip status none Prints some status about the current VIP script and its settings, eg: on join mode, skin, VIP list and the VIP script status.

List of commands - CHANNEL ADMIN

Command Arguments Description
.addmaster <nickname> Adds the specified nickname as a master on the channel. The user that you want to add needs to be authed with Q.

A master has access to all commands like .set, .vip, etc, but can't use !changebot & !remove

Required access: Channel owner
.addowner <nickname> Adds the specified nickname as an owner on the channel. The user that you want to add needs to be authed with Q.

Owners can add/remove other owners and masters. Additionaly, owners can also perform certain commands like !remove and !changebot in #FunBots.

Required access: Channel owner
.addQchanlev none This command will force the bot to retreive your current Q-chanlev of your channel and add respectively +n (owner) and +m (master) people to owner and master on the bots. No needed to add them one by one now, just type this command and everyone will be added!

Required access: Channel owner
.clearuserlist none This command will clear all your bot userlist and add you as only owner of the bot (It needs owner rights of course!)

Required access: Channel owner
.deluser <nickname/#auth> Removes a user (owner/master) from the current channel. If you want to remove a user by their auth use #auth, replacing 'auth' with the correct Q Auth.

It's impossible to remove yourself through this command.

Required access: Channel owner
.set <global,casino,fun,others,vET> <on,off>
This command is used to turn on/off games. Choosing 'casino' will affect all casino games, Fun all 'fun' games, etc.

Use .set status to get the current status of all section.
.skin <left,right,auto> [value,#] This command will allowed you to set your own channel skin (in the bot message).
If you don't have enough imagination to make your own, just use: .skin auto <number from 1 to 8>
.userlist none Return the userlist (owner(s) and master(s)) of the channel.

Required access: Channel master
.whoami none Return your access on the channel
.whois <nick,#auth> The bot will return nick or #auth's level
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