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Unexpected downtime

Written by on 2009-06-22 11:52:00 :: Announce

Note: This news is obviously outdated. The service has been offline for a while, but we're back online now!

Expect some announcements soon.

Hi everyone,

You probably noticed that our bots are now down since previous week. This is because we have a trust issue : the owner of our trust wasn't the owner of the server where the IPs were trusted. That's why the quakenet staff asked us to stop our bots till we get this problem fixed.
We have now 2 solutions:
- m4x is trying to get his own server to run the bouncers for the bots ;
- We'll have to remove the current trust and I (Blady) will have to request my own trust for my current server, and hope Quakenet Staff will accept my request.

We doesn't have any ETA for now, it can take days, weeks, months...


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