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Bots maintenance (done) - some money lost

Written by soczol on 2009-05-04 15:14:00 :: Website Update

Hi, as some of you might have already noticed we've had some issues with our bots today (March 3rd, 2009). When trying to fix that issue we also accidentally removed everyone's money.

Database issues

For some reason our bots kept losing the connection to the database server. The effects of this problem was clearly noticeable and varied from bots not responding to not giving you money. They also lagged terribly and 'Excess Flood'-ed sometimes. To fix these issues we had to temporarily shutdown the bots. A temporary fix has now been put in place. The bots are still reconnecting but I expect them to be up soon.

Some money lost

Unfortunately when we tried restarting the main bot it for some reason decided that a new month was started. As you all know we 'reset' all accounts at the start of a new month, meaning that we remove each users money and give them 2'000$. Normally this only happens at the start of a new month. Unfortunately, because the bot thought a new month has started (we're still not sure why), the mainbot did exactly that: it removed the money for all accounts.

We have restored the database from a backup that's made every midnight. Everyone should have back the money that they had at that time. Any money earned after that has unfortunately been lost. We're sorry, but there isn't much we can do about that.

If there are any updates then we'll let you know in this newspost.

17:38 (GMT+2) Bots are starting
17:50 (GMT+2) All bots are online and should have rejoined their channels.

Thanks for your patience.

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